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 General Rule's

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PostSubject: General Rule's   Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:07 pm

Hola Friend's,

General Rule's :

* Post in the appropriate forum section for the topic being presented.
* Posting technical questions in the general discussion areas "just because it will get answered faster" is not acceptable.
* If a person repeatedly creates new threads that are obviously in the wrong place, the staff have the right to delete a post/thread without notice.

Thread Creation
Do not start new threads if you are doing it for one of the following reasons:
* You are simply responding or talking about another thread that has been locked/deleted by a moderator.
* You are asking why a previous thread was locked/deleted by a moderator.
* You are asking why another member had their account suspended.
* You want to inform the world of matters that are completely pointless. (E.g. "I am so drunk. Look at me type while I am drunk.")
* You solely want to complain about the behavior of forum participants or content. In doing so, you are only creating another pointless thread.
If you have an issue with someone, please message him or her and resolve it there, contact a moderator, or report the posts in question for staff review.
* You have already posted the same question/comment in another forum. Do not double post!
If threads are created due to one of these reasons, the forum staff will either close or remove them.

* Any such messages will be removed at the sole discretion of the board staff.
* Spamming is defined as excessive posts that offer no significant value to the topic. Most of these kinds of posts are just single-word posts that have no meaning or
value whatsoever, or just a post that could be of normal length but take the thread completely off topic.
* Posting in Any Spam Topic will be Considered as Spam, So Report Topics Dont Post in it.

Finally Welcome here !! rabbit Very Happy
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General Rule's
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