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 Crazy Kart 2 is coming soon

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PostSubject: Crazy Kart 2 is coming soon    Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:17 pm

Hola Crazy Racers,

We are proud to announce that soon there will be a major update to our ck india game, in this update we will be getting lot of new in-game features with the existing ck india maps & karts. The total patch size for this update won’t be more than 50mb. Currently our game master’s team is testing the new patch & hopefully we should go live with this update in 5-6 weeks from now.

Note:- All the players current stats & inventory will remain intact after the update, so all your existing karts, experience & in-game points will be carry forward in the new patch.

Below is a small trailer on what to expect in the new patch, hope you like it

Video is made by our talented GM-Storm

Happy Racing!

This Post is made by GM-Power Today, I m Awaiting for this.
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Crazy Kart 2 is coming soon
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